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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspiration Series - Part 9

One of my favorite things to do when making jewelry is to play with wire. There are so many things you can do with it. I can take fine wire and use it to make a bouquet out of beads. Heavier wire can be flattened with a hammer or shaped into a swirl. The possibilities are endless.

I think my love of wire goes back to my childhood. I can remember my mom giving me a paddle of florist wire to make creations out of. One of my favorite things to create were small flower sculptures. They would line the windowsill of my bedroom. Some were embellished with beads. I guess I should have known I would end up playing with wire and beads when I got older.

I enjoy seeing how other artists incorporate wire into their work. One of my favorites is the Etsy shop Sparkflight. Their sculptures are amazing. The sculpture shown, Baseball Player, immediately caught my eye since I love baseball. It can be found at

I asked Ruth Jensen from Sparkflight the question -

What inspires you?

I never have to think about "What inspires me?" because EVERYTHING does!! My family jokes about going on "non-walks" with me, during which I dawdle along picking up every old stick and rock to say "Ooh, isn't that pretty?" or "Doesn't that look like a person sneezing?" or some such remark. Uncontrollable free association, combined with ignorance of limitations, leads to amazing things!

I love her last line. I think that sums up inspiration and creativity so well.

You can find Sparkflight at

Thanks so much for sharing, Ruth.

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