The Ramblings of a Creative Soul

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birds' Nests

I have a thing for birds' nests. I think of them as little pieces of art. I love discovering them around the farm. On a walk, I found one knocked down by the wind. It was so gorgeous, it now resides under a cloche in my dining room.

This year has been a big year for nests There is one inside the front porch of our house. My two cats are memorized watching the mother bird sit on the nest. They sit and watch for hours, their bodies twitching when the bird moves. I wonder what they will do when the babies hatch?

There is another nest in the pear tree in my kitchen garden. The robin keeps tabs on me when I am out planting. Another nest is located inside an old mailbox that I have in the garden. The box was to hold my hand tools so they would be easy to access but several years ago, a bird moved in in the spring and nests have appeared yearly since. That nest makes me laugh.

The eaves of the barn are also filled with nests. It looks like an airport with all the birds coming and going.

I have had to wait on pruning the wild rose bushes in our lower field since they, too are filled with nests. Hopefully the nests will be vacated by the time I need to get things ready for the wedding we are hosting this summer.

My favorite nest is located in a lilac. Since I adore lilacs, I can only imagine the joy of being surrounded with that aroma.

All of these nests provided some inspiration for me. This is my newest addition to my shop. I was happy with how it turned out.

I look forward to hearing the chirps from the nests and watching flying lessons. There is nothing better than springtime on the farm.