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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inspiration Series - Part 6

I have had a thing for ceramics since I was a kid. My house is filled with pieces that I have collected over the years. My collection is eclectic. It contains items I have inherited with names like Rookwood and Weller as well as pieces found at art fairs and galleries. I love the fact that ceramics are functional but also art that has been shaped by hands.

One of my favorite ceramic artists is Gina DeSantis. Gina uses bright colors in her glazes which first drew me to her work. Here is Gina's reply to the question - What inspires you?

As for an answer to what inspires me...
I have also been compelled to make functional art. I find joy in making something that will find a life in a person's daily routine. While I am inspired by other potters and artists I find most of my inspiration in the environment of Cleveland. We are lucky to have industry and lush green spaces in close proximity. We also have the extremes of climate. I think I chose many of my bright colors to counteract the long, gray winters.

I also find fashion to be a huge influence. I'm always curious to see how people put together outfits and what accessories they chose. It plays a part in how I put together colors. The materials may be different from clay but the way color interacts in fashion affects the decisions I make with color and texture.

Gina's work can be found at

Thanks so much for sharing, Gina.

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