The Ramblings of a Creative Soul

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It is a cold, gloomy day. The ground is a sea of white and the sky, almost the same color. I find the absence of color makes me seek it out in my work. I love to get a handful of beads and see how they work against each other. That usually gives me the inspiration I need to set out on a project. An example of how well this works is this piece I call Color.

The New Year

I made it a New Year's resolution that I would be diligent about adding to the blog. I figured that was an easier goal than trying to give up chocolate. My goal for this blog is to put a spotlight on things I am passionate about so it will focus on being creative, gardening/nature and cooking. We'll see how it goes....

As I write this, I am staring out at a sea of white trying to get ideas for my new arbor. My previous arbor became a victim of the 30 some inches of snow we received two weeks ago. It served me well in the ten years it stood guard in the kitchen garden. My husband crafted it out of trees found on the property. It was an anchor to the English roses and a landing spot for the birds waiting their turn at the feeder. It looked elegant in the summer with hanging baskets and in the winter, blanketed by snow. I am sorry to see it gone but I know this is an opportunity to mix it up. I look forward to where that leads.