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Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspiration Series - Part 8

When my sons were younger, my house looked like one massive art project. The boys were highly creative (still are). They used Legos, boxes, paper bags, and other such items to create sculptures. These masterpieces often took days to complete. I was always amazed by their imagination to turn a common household item into something really cool. Now that they are older, their artwork graces the second floor of our barn. I often find myself saying, "That is really clever", upon seeing the newest creation. I love that they make art and that it has a sense of humor to it.

When I discovered the work of Reclaim2Fame, I knew my sons would love it. You are first struck by how the sculptures make you smile and then, you start analyzing all the parts and find yourself thinking how clever. It takes a very creative mind to think a camera and a lunch pail could make a great dog. The sculpture pictured is entitled Fannie Flathat, The Accidental Fashion Plate Of Faversham Kent. Her story is a hoot.

I asked Will Wagenaar of Reclaim2Fame the question -

What inspires you?

For me, right now, it's all about recycling materials.
The work starts with the need to create something new out of something old.
My materials inspire me.
Sometimes they talk to me... sort of.
I take a thing, look at it from every direction while considering what it could be.
A new purpose usually comes to mind.

You can find Reclaim2Fame at

Thanks so much for sharing, Will.

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