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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inspiration Series - Part 14

As I have stated before, one of the great loves of my life is the game of baseball. My father got me interested in it when I was little. He was (still is) a huge sports fan. I used to wait for him to get home from work so we could play catch. I'm sure the guy was dead tired from the long day but he would quickly change clothes, and we would head to the backyard so he could throw the ball with me. Once I got older, I liked to watch the game more than play it.

One of my favorite places to watch baseball is Wrigley Field. A day game there is something everyone should experience at least once. Several years ago, we took our sons to a game there. A family member got us seats fourteen rows behind home plate. My eldest commented that he could call balls and strikes from the seats. We managed to see a ball get lost in the ivy. A home run ball hit by the visiting team thrown back onto the field, and participate in that Cubs tradition of the 7th inning stretch. It was a magical day that we still talk about.

My love of Wrigley Field is what first attracted me to today's artist, Stephen Fowler of Gemini Studio Art. I love the graphic quality of his work. I decided to ask him the question,

What inspires you?

For me, inspiration is found all around me. When I first started Gemini Studio Art in Chicago, I was living in Wrigleyville and naturally was inspired by the Cubs and baseball became a big part of my work. As a graphic designer by trade, I'm always seeking out new and impactful graphics that I find intriguing and visually interesting. Of course much of my work takes on a vintage feel, so I definitely gather inspiration from stuff that isn't new, like vintage advertising posters and signage.

You can find Stephen's work at

Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Stephen.

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michelle said...

Thanks for the post, I love Wrigley Field. I live in Michigan and try to get to a game at least once a season. My dad grew up in Chicago and is a huge Cubs fan. I will check out his shop!