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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Inspiration Series - Part 11

One of the first presents my husband gave me was a painting. A painting he had done. The painting is an abstract that is filled with the colors of red, orange, blue and green. I love the colors and the great texture to it. I first hung it in my office at work. I didn't have much of a view so it was nice to have something special to look at. After I became a stay at home mom, the painting was placed in the family room. Today, it hangs above the desk where the computer is.

I have loved people's reactions to it. I have found those who are creative or appreciate art really like it. Kids in particular, comment on it. Others look at it and wonder what it means. That always makes me laugh since I don't ponder what the art means but more what it makes me feel. That might explain the very eclectic collection of art that graces the walls of my home - all original. Each and every piece makes me smile.

When I spotted the work of Modernmarks, another fellow Cleveland Handmade artist, I smiled. I loved her use of color plus her black and white prints. I was particularly drawn to this print entitled, Archival Abstract Print - Colorful Angles. The colors remind me of the painting my husband did for me. I decided to ask Sondra of Modernmarks the question,

What inspires you?

What inspires me? Really many people, things, incidents, it is probably easiest for me to list some of them (in no special order):
- fifties and sixties retro designs, artists, designers
- art: minimalism, abstract, abstract expressionism
- my deceased aunt, Margaret Milliken (she was an abstact expressionist)
- fiber artists: Jane Dunnwold - the originator of art cloth, Linda Colsh, Els van Baarle, Jean Williamson, Joan Schultze, to name a few...
- artists: Hans Hofmann, Rothko, Pollack, Krazner, Kandinsky, Miro, Mitchell, de Kooning, Rosenberg, Gotlieb, name a few.
- Designer: Issey Miyake
- artists that I started blogging about on Modern Marks, and will continue to do so...they are all inspiring.
- the concepts of change, inequity, peace.
- nature
- geometric and abstract shapes
- color
In summary, I think that everything that we create with our eyes and hands is affected by a variety of influences...people, incidents, events, our environment, the planet. I have many plans that I hope to develop this summer on paper and fabric. Be well.

Modernmarks can be found at

Thanks so much for sharing your inspirations, Sondra.

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