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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inspiration Series - Part 13

I love books. There is nothing like cracking the spine of a new book and being transported to somewhere else. As I have stated before, I refuse to jump on the electronic book craze. I love having the bookcases in my study/workroom filled with books. They are works of art in themselves. There are books that belonged to my great aunt with notes she wrote in the margins in those shelves. I like having that connection to her. My books are like old friends.

When I saw the bookcase sculpture done by today's featured artist, Papernoodle, I was in awe. It is entitled, Bookcase, and the detail from the individually cut letters to the curve of the books is magnificent. Her other work is stunning, too.

I decided to ask Cheong-ah from Papernoodle the question,

What inspires you?

When I was studying fine art in school, I happened to look at some advertising design books, and saw all this wonderful paper sculptures. I knew that this art form was going to be the vehicle of my expressions. I don't have a proper art language to explain my work. I'm an art college drop-out. I make anything that interests me, or pleases me. I love living. I like paper medium because it's an everyday material we use, and it's versatile. My childhood memory starts with me making something with paper. When I was young, my parents ran a printing business in Korea. I was always surrounded by all kinds of paper. I like many kinds of paper art, but particularly, I love paper sculpture because I get to play with 2d and 3d elements at the same time, and that fascinates me. I call paper sculpture 2 1/2 dimension. I've been making them since 2000.

Papernoodle can be found at:

Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration, Cheong-ah.

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