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Monday, December 6, 2010

Trapped In A Snow Globe

Help! I'm trapped in a snow globe.

We are experiencing our first big storm of the season. I live in an area fondly called "The Snow Belt". Thanks to Lake Erie (and sometimes Lake Huron), the open water of the lakes and the higher terrain on the east side makes for ideal conditions for lots of snow.

Right now, we have over a foot of snow and a lot more expected. An hour and half south of here, where my son goes to college - they have a dusting of snow. It is crazy the difference.

We have already shoveled the drive four times today and the roof once. I am figuring my poor husband, after a white knuckle drive home from work, will attempt the roof once more.

I must say, it is quite pretty. It has also put me in the mood for Christmas. So I guess the storm is not that bad. Give me a month or so and then I will be complaining.


michelle said...

I am in the "lake effect" here in Michigan so I know how you feel! :) We got about a foot today and then about 3 miles away from the lake they had sun all day! I kept saying that to people today too, we are in our own little snow globe!! :) Have fun!!

Simple Elements Design said...

I hope it has quit snowing for you Michelle. Alas, the snow globe is still being shaken here. It is a good thing it is so pretty. Stay warm!