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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tree

I think it goes back to when I was a kid. My mother got this crazy idea that a little tree would be perfect for Christmas. She wanted to set it on a table in the front window. She thought it would look pretty from the street. I hated that tree. I did not fit my idea of the perfect tree. From that point on, there were rules as to what was the perfect tree.

Rule #1 - The tree has to be taller than me. I'm 5'7" and was the shortest person in my family so I was adamant about that rule. The rule holds true today. What helps with this rule, our old house has high ceilings so the tree has to be really tall to look good.

Rule #2 - It has to be real. Sorry, but hauling an artificial tree out and having it up in seconds isn't putting up the tree. You have to go to a tree farm on a blustery day and spend a great deal of time looking for "the one". There is also much whining from my loved ones while I take my time looking. This adds to the ambiance of the excursion.

Once we get the tree home, it is decorated with ornaments that are filled with memories. There are items my mother made, prisms from my great-grandmother's chandelier, ornaments my sons made in elementary school and the year balls. Every year, I take a ball and write down the year and things that occurred during it. It is a great way to remember memorable family events. It is a big deal each year to read aloud the items on the balls. There are also ornaments that I made and ones we received as gifts. My sons fight over one particular ornament. I'm fond of saying "When pigs fly" so of course, we have a flying pig ornament. It is a fight to see who can find that ornament and hang it from the tree. I love that my tree isn't a theme tree. It is filled with memories and love. The best kind of tree in my book.

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