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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Worst Winter Weather in the Nation

I can proudly say I live in the area that was recently anointed "The Worst Winter Weather City in the Nation". Thanks to our proximity to the beautiful lake known as Erie, we get more snow than anyone. That according to Forbes magazine is a bad thing. I like to think otherwise.

Just this past weekend, a large portion of the nation was hit by a huge snowstorm. The grocery stores were out of bread and milk. Cities came to a stand still. The national news covered it as their lead story. Those of us who reside in the Snow Belt chuckled as we watched these people freak out over their situation. To us, that is any given day when the snow flies.

Living with the worst winter in the nation affords us the opportunity to nest. We hunker down in our homes and recharge our batteries after the chaotic holiday season. We tend to projects inside the house because we know once spring comes, we will be outside. We dream of plans for the gardens or read that book we have been dying to pick up. For those of us with artistic abilities, we create. Living in a snow globe has its benefits. Any kid who learns they have a snow day will verify that.

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