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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Fever!!!!!

I give up. The ground has been white everyday of 2010. I no longer love snow. Yes, I'll forget this come November (if I am lucky), when I see the first snow fall of the season but right now, I'm ending the love affair. I want color outside. I want flowers and birds singing. I want to put away my big bulky boots and coat for something more fashionable. I am tired of being in a bad mood because I have to shovel the driveway to get out. I feel bad for the poor dog who can't go out into the yard because the snow is too high. I don't want to have to worry about my husband shoveling the roof so we don't have water coming into the house. I have been a good sport. I put up with not having heat on two different occasions for a total of fourteen days. I endured (the family motto thanks to ancestor Sir Ernest Shackleton) but enough is enough. Mother Nature could you please jump ahead to more spring like weather? Pretty please....

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jacqm said...

I'm with ya, sister!
BTW, your etsy pieces are beautiful!