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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blue Sky and Sunshine

It is amazing what blue sky and sunshine can do for one's mood. I have been living in a world filled with rain and gray for almost two weeks. I should not complain since people on the east coast are dealing with far worse things but when you learn you have a leak in your roof, sunshine and blue skies are a wonderful thing. I wandered around my gardens this morning, snapping pictures. I try to take pictures of the gardens during the various seasons to help me during the winter when I plan what I am going to do in the spring. It is a wonderful way to see what needs changed, moved or spots that need gardens. My husband refers to it as his work list. Here are some pictures to show you how things look around the farm.
The view of my kitchen garden. I want to expand this and add raised beds for vegetables.
A view of the perennial bed behind the house. Things have gotten huge in there so I think it is time for a new garden bed so things can be divided.
I was tickled to find a rose bud this morning. It is now sitting is a sweet vase on my kitchen window sill. I best hit my workroom. I have lots of things to work on before my annual holiday open house next week. Thanks for visiting. Cynthia

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