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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Always a Critic

Living with nothing but males, poses problems at times. It is hard to get a true critique of a project I am working on. Most times, they answer with "It's fine." Fine? Fine to me means it is okay - not bad, not good. Not quite what I am striving for. And for the record, another one of their phrases that drives me crazy - "It wasn't bad" - when describing food. Do you really want to eat something described as "wasn't bad"? If it was good, it would have be stated as such. I digress....

The other day, I was working on a new necklace design. I was tickled with how it had turned out. I showed it to my husband and youngest son. My husband said, "It's fine" and my youngest, looked at it for a bit and then commented, "I can see an elderly person wearing that". What?????? I asked for a clarification on his statement and he said "You know, someone around 55." So apparently I am going to be elderly in a few years. Fine.

I chuckled about the comments on the necklace all evening. Shared the story with my Cleveland Handmade friends so they could have a laugh, too. Youngest even inquired if I had shared his comments with my "artsy" friends. He knows me too well.

Yesterday, a young woman came by the house to pick up a necklace I had made for her wedding. She spotted the "geriatric" necklace and asked if she could try it on. She put it on and decided she had to have it. It did look stunning on her. As she walked out the door, she walked past the youngest. He spotted the necklace and just rolled his eyes. I smiled at him and inside, I screamed YES!

It is indeed the little things in life.

Please note - the picture shown is not the "geriatric" necklace. I had not taken a picture of it yet. This necklace fits my Spring Fever mood today.


zJayne said...

Truly enjoyed this quick story the first time I heard it...and now reading it here on your blog..a treat! -Mom (3 sons, 1 daughter)

Simple Elements Design said...

Thanks zJayne for suggesting this would make a good blog post. I appreciate it!

Sahetah said...

That was a fun story! I know exactly what you mean. My grandfather always says relatively the same thing about my cooking. I work hard to cook decently since I am not a fan of cooking and don't want to poison anyone.

If you love what you made, chances are - it's lovely! =)