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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inspiration Series - Part 16

While I await the response from several artists to the question, "What inspires you?" I thought I would enter my own response.

What inspires me?

In no particular order -

Acorns - they can become massive oak trees.
My friends who have children with autism. They inspire me daily.
My gardens - I love watching how they evolve during the year.
Old Hollywood movies. I love the style and elegance of them.
People who follow their dreams.
Listening to a thunderstorm or the rain falling.
The first snowfall of the year.
Spider webs with dew - spiders are pretty wonderful artisans.
Hearing my sons and husband laugh.
A walk in the woods.
Sitting by the river.
Cemeteries - I love looking at the artwork on the stones.
A trip to an art museum or gallery.
Sitting outside, looking at the stars.
The first warm day of the year.
New supplies.
Crayons - I love the idea of all of the possibilities that can be created with them.
My customers.
My fellow Cleveland Handmade members - Their generosity and support is most inspiring.
My great aunt - She was all class.
Trees in winter - I love looking at the architecture of trees.
Great novels.
People who focus on the positive.
Mother Nature.
People who volunteer.
Dumpster diving.
My old barn.
Bird nests - Birds are also great artisans.
A walk on the beach.
Watching birds fly in the sky - I often wonder if they go weeeeeee.

I am sure there are more but I think I will stop here. I hope it gets you pondering that question, What inspires you?

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