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Monday, April 5, 2010

Play Ball

One of the great loves of my life (family, friends, being creative are at the top of the list) is the game of baseball. My love affair started when I was a kid. Daily in the summer, a pick up game could be found in the backyard of the Morrison's house. The rules were simple - everyone got to play. Kids of all ages could be found there and girls were included. It was magical.

My love affair continued as I got older. A childhood friend was drafted by the Dodgers when we graduated from high school. I took great delight in that since I once caught one of his hits in the outfield in the Morrison's field. In college, I would watch my school's team and was impressed by one of the pitchers. He went out to have an outstanding career in the major leagues. It was fun to think I saw him before he was famous.

My pro team has always been the Cleveland Indians. They have broken my heart more times than I care to count but I am loyal. There is nothing better than sitting in the bleachers at Jacob's Field (sorry, it will never be Progressive to me) on a warm, sunny afternoon. It is to me heaven. I often joke that my religion is baseball.

Today is Opening Day. One of my favorite days of the year. The day of optimism and hope. For us Indians fans, today IS next year.

Play Ball........


jacquelyn said...

it was a fantastic day, wasnt it!
i remember reporting to work last year, the very light in the field seemed so much brighter, the colors so much more intense..there's such a feeling of excitement and hope because each game is a new beginning.
there's just something about baseball i dont get with any other sport. Love it!

Simple Elements Design said...

I so agree with you on baseball. :)

UffdaDave said...

I remember watching a homerun blast sail over my head from that same friend who went on to the Dodgers.